Fox May Bring Cable Into The Next Deadpool Movie

According to Birth.Movies.Death FOX is gonna keep expanding it’s X-MEN Universe. Devin Faraci states that FOX is looking to add Cable into the mix by bringing him into the next installment of Deadpool.

How excited is Fox about Deadpool? They’re already kicking around ideas for the sequel. And there’s one that has stuck, and – while anything could change between now and whenever the sequel starts shooting – that idea is bringing in Cable.

If Faraci is correct which he usually is, it would be interesting to see the dynamic between Cable and Deadpool. Deadpool is a smartass and an A-hole and Cable is a more serious character and his interactions with Deadpool could be comedic gold. For those of you that don’t know, Cable is an X-Men character from the comics, he was born in the present, but sent to the future only to return back to the present.  He is the son of Cyclops and a clone of Jean Grey, but given the hyperrealism of Bryan Signer’s X-Men world I think that Cable’s parental origins might be tweaked to fit the mold.  

What do you guys think of Cable possibly joining the X-Men universe? Does it soften the blow of the big let down that was Fantastic Four? Sound off in the comments below!

SOURCE: Birth.Movies.Death 

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