Is Frank Grillo’s Crossbones Returning To The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

mcu-frank-grillo-crossbones-returnLet the speculation begin. Despite assuming Crossbones’ (played by Frank Grillo) fate was somewhat sealed in Captain America: Civil War — you know having a bomb strapped to his chest and exploding kind of does the trick — Grillo teased the return of Cap’s nemesis to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a short Forbes interview while discussing his other franchise, The Purge, and what would be his ultimate horror maze at Universal Horror Nights.

“… I’m also a small part of the Marvel world, but to be a part of something like this, if anyone tells you that’s not a big deal, they’re lying. It’s great to be part of Marvel too, and I have three boys who are fanatical about Marvel, and I was surprised not too long ago because there is some news that nobody knows yet, to do with my character, that’s going to be really interesting and I’m excited about that.”

One factor that would lend credence to the idea of Crossbones’ return would be that you just can’t seem to kill the guy! When he was introduced in, what some consider to be the best MCU film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Grillo was simply Brock Rumlow, who came off as a somewhat shady member of Cap’s Strike Squad, only to turn out even shadier as a sleeper agent in Hydra, which had secretly infiltrated Shield. While chasing down Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson/Falcon, Rumlow was trapped in the rubble of Shield headquarters. How could he possibly survive that?

And there he was later in Civil War! Until the bomb. How could he possibly survive that?

If Crossbones were to make a return, it would seem to make sense it would happen in Avengers 4. There are some theories floating around out there that in the untitled film, due in 2019, Thanos will possibly resurrect some of the MCU’s greatest villains long thought dead. This list would also include The Red Skull as well. It is a possibility as no one in the MCU seems to stay dead. Looking at you, Loki. However, Grillo did allude earlier this year that he was done playing Crossbones in the MCU. He seemed especially miffed that he did not get invited to the Civil War premiere.

It is true, myself included, that many felt shortchanged by Rumlow’s quick demise in Civil War. So it might be interesting to see him return. Might. Hopefully a return would somehow be more integral to the plot than just a cameo.

For now we will have to wait and see. And speculate.

Source: Forbes

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  • If he’s back at all it will likely be in Captain Marvel which takes place in the 90’s.