Funko Reveals Marvel Pop! Figures For Iron Fist, Black Bolt & Blade

Marvel Funko PopIf you happen to be a Funko collector as well as a fan of the Marvel characters Iron Fist, Black Bolt and Blade, you will enjoy this piece of news. Funko recently announced a new line of upcoming Marvel Pop! for The Royal Family’s leader, one of members of The Defenders as well as the iconic Marvel vampire hunter.

It should be pointed out that these Pop! figures most likely have not anything to do with the upcoming Iron Fist and The Defenders shows on Netflix, as well as The Inhumans series on ABC. The two versions of the Iron Fist pops features Danny Rand with his iconic green and yellow costume as well as the white and gold version.

Then we have two version of Black Bolt, one that has his traditional black and white suit. But there is also one version where his costume is now black and blue which you can see below. Last, but not least, we got the Blade Funko who is ready for battle. According to Funko’s website, these figures will be available in comic shops “soon”. Check out the designs for the new line of characters below.

Iron Fist, starring Finn Jones as Danny Rand, Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing, Jessica Stroup as Joy Meachum, Tom Pelphrey as Ward Meachum, David Wenham as Harold Meachum and Carrie-Ann Moss reprising her role as Jeri Hogarth, is currently in production and is set to be released on Netflix on March 17.

Marvel’s The Inhumans premieres on Tuesday, September 26 on ABC – no official timeslot has been given yet.

Source: Funko

Marvel Funko Pop Marvel Funko Pop
Marvel Funko PopMarvel Funko Pop
Marvel Funko Pop

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