How To Make A Successful ‘Gambit’ Movie

Gambit isn’t Wolverine

Despite his popularity, particularly in the 1990s Gambit has never really been an A-list character, unlike Wolverine for example. Wolverine has maintained consistent popularity since his inception and always been a top tier character be that within the X-Men, the Avengers or his many popular solo series. Gambit has never gained this level of mass popularity and has always struggled to maintain a solo comic book run. His appearances in comic books have been intermittent since his creation in 1990 and the vast bulk of his popularity comes from fans of the early 90s animated TV show. Gambit is a cult character and should be treated as such, much like Deadpool he does have an incredibly loyal following that would be desperate to see the character properly reintroduced to the X-Men film series after the failed attempt in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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Chris Hartmann

Chris Hartmann

Chris Hartmann is a fanboy writer here at Heroic Hollywood, currently based in Vancouver, BC.