Kit Harington Continues To Claim Jon Snow Is [SPOILER] On ‘Game Of Thrones’

Last year’s season finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones shocked a lot of viewers all over the world with the death of yet another fan favorite character. As you might have already guessed, that character is Kit Harington’s Jon Snow, who died in the closing moments of season five. Since then, many fans have been eagerly awaiting to find out more about what happened to him and whether or not he will be back for the rest of the series.

The cast and crew have been teasing his fate for months, but obviously, no one has spilled any details, especially Harington himself. The actor recently dropped by BBC Breakfast to talk about some of his other projects, but even there he was asked about some of the rumors surrounding his character. “All I can tell you is Jon Snow is dead,” the actor told the hosts. “He died at the end of the last season.” Check out the full interview below.

Sure, his character is dead, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he won’t be back in season six. There are certainly a lot of rumors and set images which prove that he will, but we still don’t know how that’s going to happen. Hopefully, we’ll find out more when Game of Thrones returns on April 24, but that may actually happen sooner, since a trailer can’t be too far away…

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