‘Game Of Thrones’: Season 7 Set Photos Reveal Jaime’s New Sword & Lannister Alliance

Game of Thrones

Warning! Major Spoilers Ahead

The previous season of Game of Thrones concluded with Daenerys Targaryen finally making her way to Westeros. With an alliance consisting of various popular and powerful figures, fans immediately began speculating on which characters the Mother of Dragons would finally meet when she arrived. However, it appears Daenerys won’t be the only one making new friends in the upcoming season as new photos reveal the Lannister’s will be forging some new alliances of their own.

Wathersonthewall.com has assembled a number of images from Twitter user Rick Zornow taken on location in Spain. The images feature actors Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Jerome Flynn as Jaime Lannister and Bronn, respectively, accompanied by a legion of soldiers preparing for battle.

Check out the images below!

A closer look at the images reveal Randyll Tarly and his son Dickon alongside the Lannister army, suggesting an alliance between both families has been arranged. For those who have forgotten, Randyll and Dickon are the father and brother of Samwell Tarly, respectively.

In addition to these images, Twitter user Adrián Alonso has posted a photo featuring Jaime Lannister at Highgarden, the home of the Tyrell’s, with the sword named Widow’s Wail in his possession. Forged from the Valyrian steel taken from Ned Stark’s sword, Widow’s Wail had previously been owned by the diabolical King Joffrey.

How do you feel about a potential Tarly/Lannister alliance? Who do you think their army is preparing to fight? Share your thoughts below!

The seventh season of Game of Thrones is scheduled to air in summer 2017.

Source: WatchersOnTheWall

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