‘Game of Thrones’ Director Jeremy Podeswa Will Return For Season 7

Jeremy Podeswa, who directed Game of Thrones‘ first two episodes of season 6, has confirmed he will return to direct in season 7 of the show. While he would not disclose which episodes, he did however reiterate the next season only being a seven episode run.

This confirmation was during an interview on the YouTube channel GoldDerby, which can be viewed below:

Due to season 7 having a shorter season by three episodes, it is highly likely for the upcoming season to have a higher budget per episode ratio. This ‘budget increase’ will likely be needed as the events of Game of Thrones come to an end and the White Walkers inevitably make their way past the wall. Large scale battles between Walkers and Dragons will take a lot of money to come to fruition.

The season 6 finale for Game of Thrones airs tonight at 9pm EST on HBO.

Source: YouTube

Leon Brill

Leon Brill

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