Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E1 ‘The Red Woman’

Game of Thrones

The North: Sansa and Theon & Brienne and Podrick, the Boltons

The Red Woman

For a moment there, I was right where the writers’ wanted me: hopeless, like Sansa and Theon. However, when Brienne and Podrick showed up, I was pumping my fists so hard and when Brienne re-pledged herself to Sansa (under vastly different circumstances from last season), I honestly teared up. Beautiful scene of characters’ coming together. It’s narrative convenience, yes, something Martin studiously and frustratingly avoids in his books but part of the thrill of this adaptation is the showrunners are not beholden to his flaws.

At Winterfell, Iwan Rheon freakin’ kills his scene with Myranda’s corpse. I actually believed he thought torturing and killing Sansa and Theon was a good thing to do to honor his lowly mistress’ death. The next scene gives him some extra motivation. Roose informs him, since his marriage to Sansa was against the Iron Throne, they are in open rebellion without backup and they need her to unite the Northerners. And with Roose’s wife Fat Walda preggo, the pressure is on Ramsay to find Sansa to re-legitimize himself.

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