Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E1 ‘The Red Woman’

Game of Thrones

Meereen: Tyrion & Varys

The Red Woman

This is the partnership I love and it is awesome as usual. The Tyrion “Because you have no cock!” had me in tears laughing. And the idea that Tyrion is not backing down from the huge political challenge that is wrangling Meereen is a hugely appealing. A confident Tyrion, doing his confident thing, is the Tyrion I love.

Also, when I hear him say “Well, we’re not getting back to Westeros anytime soon” after the Sons of the Harpy burn the the Meereenese fleet, I think “Well, it’s been six seasons since we’ve been promised Dany would return to Westeros and we’re heading towards the end of the show. Therefore, we are TOTALLY getting back to Westeros this season.” Fingers crossed!


We didn’t get Bran’s return this week nor the big return of the Greyjoys. We’ll play catch up with Sam and Gilly on their trip south across the Narrow Sea later too. We also missed out on the machinations of Littlefinger but I think the writers’ trust us at this point to know he’s always scheming. Later in the season, we’ll also hear more from the Riverlands, where the traitorous Freys are trying, much like the Boltons in the North, to bring the Tullys to heel.

Next week’s second episode is titled “Home.” This post will be updated with the preview, synopsis and any sneak peeks as soon as they become available.


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