Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E10 ‘The Winds Of Winter’

The Wall: Bran, Meera and Uncle Benjen

We haven’t seen Bran since he and Meera got picked up by sorta-kinda-undead Uncle Benjen in the sixth episode. And kinda-sorta undead Uncle Benjen promptly leaves them in front of a weirwood tree close to the Wall, because the undead cannot pass under it. Thank God for that! Oh wait, doesn’t Bran still have the Night King’s mark? Surely he told Benjen . . .

Bran takes the opportunity to test out his new Three-Eyed Raven powers, warging into the Weirwood network to re-witness the Tower of Joy’s aftermath. In the past, his father Ned finds Lyanna at the top of the tower with her haidmaidens, bleeding from birthing her and Rhaegar’s child. She wants him to promise something, because she knows if King Robert found out the truth, her child would die. That child?

Jon Snow.

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