Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E10 ‘The Winds Of Winter’

The Riverlands: Jaime, the Tullys/Freys, Brienne, the Hound

After the epic King’s Landing opening, we jump to the victory feast at the Twins between the Freys and Jaime’s Lannister army. Bronn teases him about a serving girl briefly before “Late” Walder Frey arrives with his whole lecherous attitude.

Once the Lannisters leave, it’s just Lord Frey alone in his great hall, the site of the Red Wedding. He asks to see his sons but the serving girl from earlier, who served him his dinner, tells him his sons are already in the room. Walder asks where and she points to his dinner pie.

Yes the infamous “Frey pies” scene, thought discarded gets a return alongside its book perpetrator Lord Manderly. Nice touches for book fans like myself. The serving takes her face off, revealing herself to be Arya, who borrowed Littlefinger’s Magical Teleporter (after Varys used it of course) to get back to Westeros lickety-split from Braavos. She slits her family’s murderer’s throat and watches with a demented smile as he dies, the first on her vengeance list.

Meanwhile, Jaime and his retinue arrives outside King’s Landing to see the smoking ruin of the Great Sept. Furious, he goes to investigate and arrives in the Red Keep throne room to see Qyburn name Cersei Lannister Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and sit the Iron Throne. The twins share an ambigous glance as they begin down their final treacherous journey.

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