Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E10 ‘The Winds Of Winter’

Dorne: The Martells

We were promised/threatened with Dorne this episode and we get it. But instead of leading off with Varys, as I had assumed, we find that Olenna Tyrell has gone to Dorne in the aftermath of the death of her whole family. Dressed in black, the mourning Queen of Thorns meets with Ellaria Sand and her Sand Snakes. But she doesn’t want just vengeance, she wants to scorch the f***ing smile from Cersei Lannister’s face.

Fortunately, this powerful cabal of women has another ballsy (pun intended) operator working with them – Varys, who used Littlefinger’s Magical Teleporter to get from Meereen to Dorne in a mere three episodes. And he brings a promise: “fire and blood.” Dany has yet another new ally.

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Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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