Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E2 ‘Home’

The Wall: Davos and Melisandre


At Castle Black, Thorne gives Davos and Jon’s allies – few that they are – his final warning and ultimatum. “Nobody needs to die tonight,” he intones, driving Davos to give his trailer line: “I’ve never been much of a fighter . . . ” Thorne gives the word to break the door down, 40-odd Night’s Watchmen surrounding it armed to the teeth. . .

. . . And Wun Wun the Big Damn Hero kicks down the frickin door down! The Widlings are here! They surround them with relatively few casualties considering the charged atmosphere (three cheers for Wun Wun smashing that dude against the wall). One by one, the Night’s Watch lay down their weapons and Dolorous Edd has Thorne, as well as a raging Olly, thrown into the cells.

(SIDE NOTE: Thorne allowing the Wildlings through the Wall last season really makes his betrayal seem all the more stupid. What did he think was gonna happen? That 5,000 freedom-loving Wildlings would acquiesce to Jon’s murder? It’s a tad disappointing, as Jon’s assassination in the books is far more nuanced – one of the attackers even cries as he stabs Jon because he genuinely doesn’t want to kill him but believes he has no choice)

Tormund sees Jon’s corpse for the first time. “A lot of knives,” he murmurs. There will be a funeral pyre and of course everyone in the audience goes “Melisandre!”

Davos visits the Red Woman, now re-veiled as her young self and suffering an intense crisis of faith, and asks what everyone is asking: can she magically bring Jon Snow back? She tells of meeting Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion back in Season 3 but doubts she could accomplish what the former did with the latter. Davos does his Davos thing and convinces her to try the trick out and we the audience, who’ve expected this for over a year, wait with bated breath.

She performs her ritual, cleaning his wounds, cutting his hair and burns the strands while Davos, Edd and Tormund watch. But it appears to fail. One by one, they wordlessly depart the room, disappointed by the results. Long shots of Jon Snow and Ghost tell us, though, that something is about to happen. Sure enough, Ghost perks up and sniffs the air. Pull back on Jon Snow’s corpse and . . . he gasps for air!

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