Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E2 ‘Home’

The North: Sansa, Theon, Brienne and Podrick, the Boltons


We haven’t seen head-or-heels of the Karstarks since Robb executed the House’s head in Season 3 for treason. Here, their new House rep reports word of last week’s Bolton massacre. They guess Sansa will seek refuge with her last surviving relative, Jon Snow. Ramsay proposes raiding Castle Black and killing him to eliminate Sansa’s escape route as well as any bit of Stark blood remaining in the North.

But schemer Roose has had about enough of his psychotic son’s “plans,” especially when word arrives his wife Fat Walda has given birth, a boy “red-cheeked and healthy.” The look Roose and Ramsay share is pretty awesome, as even Roose knows Ramsay intends to kill him. The fact that Roose tries to comfort him should have cued me into what happened next: Ramsay murders Roose. RIP Papa Icy Eyes, your deadpan trolling will be sorely missed.

The new Warden of the North goes into the Winterfell courtyard to meet Walda and his new brother and . . . you can guess what’s next. He leads the the poor woman and her baby into the dog kennels, slowly unlocks every cages and let’s the dogs have their fun.

Elsewhere, Brienne informs Sansa of her sister’s survival and Sansa admits going to Winterfell was a mistake. “It was a difficult choice,” Brienne comforts. “We’ve all had to make difficult choices.” Meanwhile, Alfie Allen remains the show’s secret weapon, in my opinion. I’ve been a fan of Theon from the beginning and seeing him get a modicum of redemption with Sansa was extremely gratifying. But I was worried he would be branching off from her story and even more worried it would be for arbitrary reasons. But I’ll reserve judgment on Theon’s decision to return to the Iron Islands, mostly because Allen kills his speech before it and, like Bran, gives the episode its title.

Sam Flynn

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