Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E2 ‘Home’

King’s Landing: Cersei & Jaime, the Tyrells, the Sparrows


A short but darkly-humorous scene demonstrates the power of  FrankenMountain practically beheading a peasant with a touch. With that established, we can return to Cersei, barred from Myrcella’s funeral, with her obedient giant striking fear even in the soldiers defending the Red Keep.

At Myrcella’s funeral, Tommen blames Cersei for Trystane’s death and struggles with his situation with the High Sparrows. Jaime, standing vigil, does his best to guide his last child before the High Sparrow arrives. Tommen leaves to visit Cersei (he also gives a great speech and Lena Headey as always is a genius, lots of great monologues/looks this episode delivered superbly by the performers).

Back in the Sept, Jaime and Evil Bernie Sanders meet for the first time. The High Sparrow sounds a lot like a Faceless Man, pontificating on the value of death and clarifying his pride-less persona. Jonathan Pryce long turned down roles from the show because he wasn’t into fantasy; I thank god for that because he manages to be both threatening and benevolent at the same time, a delightfully-new flavor for a show six years old.

Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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