Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E3 ‘Oathbreaker’

The North: Ramsay

Ramsay and his new ally Harald Karstark meet with Smalljon Umber, son of season 1 character Greatjon, who Robb Stark earned the respect of by having his direwolf bite two of his fingers off. Weird guy. His son seems even weirder, like Ramsay weird, as he instantly understands Ramsay’s new lordship is entirely due to his murderous ways. He doesn’t have much of a problem with it though because he’s got bigger problems, like Jon Snow and the Wildlings now living south of the Wall.

Ramsay demands fealty in return for help destroying them both but Smalljon rightly points out Roose violated fealty first so what’s the point of it now? Fortunately, he believes in the power of gifts, delivering Osha and Rickon Stark – missing since the season 3 finale – as promise of loyalty. To prove their identities, they provide the head of the youngest Stark’s direwolf. There goes another hanging book plot thread!

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