Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E4 ‘Book Of The Stranger’

The Wall: Jon, Tormund, Davos, Melisandre, Sansa, Brienne and Podrick

At Castle Black, Dolorous Edd picks up Longclaw, Jon’s sword passed down to him from his predecessor Jeor Mormont. Jon’s there and his plans are vague: go south, “get warm.” He reminds him of the White Walkers but Jon reiterates there’s no way he can stay after his own murder.

A horn blows at the gates. It’s Sansa! Finally, a Stark reunion that won’t be interrupted! The stare between the two is miles long and glorious, years in the making. It’s these moments that make the show and their hug is so well-earned it erases last week’s melancholy.

They catch up before the fire. Sansa speaks for early critics and Jon for his, she was “awful” and he was “sulky.” It’s nice and reminiscent . . . then they get to business. Sansa picks up the political torch, proposing they retake Winterfell from the evil Boltons. But Jon is tired – he’s still sore from his murder (he disappointingly tells her this off-screen with little impact. His whole resurrection has had little impact, IMO).

Davos and Melisandre talk about her allegiance to Jon Snow and Davos finally (FINALLY) asks what happened with Stannis. The Red Woman demurs until Brienne interrupts and tells them both that not only does she know Stannis and Melisandre killed Renly with blood magic but she executed him herself. Sometimes the expedience is annoying (#DorneSucks), sometimes it rocks like Jon/Sansa and Brienne w/ Davos and Melisandre.

Tormund eyeing Brienne is the greatest thing ever. GIF please. Jon Snow finally gets a version of the Pink Letter from the books, informing of Rickon’s imprisonment, threatening all the horrible things he will do to everything and everybody Jon loves. Sansa uses her steel to push Jon right when he is at his morally weakest, to finally stand up to the monster who took their home from them.

Ramsay is Jon’s evil counterpart, his Joker. In a show rife with delicious rivalries and a preponderance of foils, this is one confrontation I’ve been waiting for.

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