Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E4 ‘Book Of The Stranger’

The Iron Islands: The Greyjoys

Theon arrives home in the least ceremonial way possible. These Iron Islands scenes are deliriously short and sweet. Balon shows back up, Balon dies. Theon shows up, suddenly he’s in Yara’s private room. They fell like necessities rather than a treats, certainly in contrast to how the show expands and delves into characters like the High Sparrow.

His reunion with Yara goes as well as expected. Theon is still struggling to overcome the years of Ramsay’s brutal conditioning that makes him qualitatively unfit to be Ironborn, let alone rule them as Yara assumes is his reason for arriving. She finally breaks through his barriers between Reek and Theon and gets at why he returned home: to help Yara win the Kingsmoot and rule the Iron Islands.

Not to rain on the Greyjoy parade, but given all his defects, I wonder how he can help her at all. Will a publicly-shamed eunuch really be a good surrogate for the first Queen of the Iron Islands? I like that Theon is staying relevant and Yara is getting a shot at real power but these are the dangers of conflating storylines as the show continues to do at rapid pace.

The good news? Next week, Kingsmoot!

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