Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E4 ‘Book Of The Stranger’

King’s Landing: Cersei and Jaime, the Tyrells, the Sparrows

We haven’t seen Margaery since the premiere and she’s been imprisoned since last year. Here, she gets another meeting with the High Sparrow, whom the writers’ clearly love writing. He shines in every scene, come to life by classical theater actor Jonathan Pryce. They’ve slowly doled out more and more information about the Sparrow’s philosophy and this season they delved into his past. There’s an amazing shot that pulls in slowly on Pryce’s face as he recounts his past a cobbler for the nobility and his awakening after a life of debauchery and it becomes clear this man could be saying anything and I would listen.

He finally takes Margaery to see her brother Loras. The poor guy is a broken mess while she reveals herself decidedly not, remaining steely despite her professions of piety to the High Sparrow. He desperately desires an end to their suffering and begs his sister for her help. Given Finn Jones’ recent casting as Netflix’s Iron Fist, I kinda think his end might be a bit more permanent than he wants.

Pycelle tries to counsel Tommen as Cersei arrives to discuss High Sparrow. Tommen admits he spoke with him last week and that he intends to give Margaery a Walk of Shame a la Cersei’s. She and Jaime confront Kevan and Olenna in the Small Council chamber and finally wedge themselves into the scenario. The two convince the elder statesmen to finally confront and destroy the Sparrows with the Tyrell army before any more damage to Margaery or the crown can occur.

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