Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E4 ‘Book Of The Stranger’

The Dothraki Sea: Daenerys, Jorah & Daario

Daario needles Jorah needlessly but even though he gets in low blows about his age and  Jorah takes it in stride, cementing their buddy-cop dynamic.

They arrive at Vaes Dothrak, which they plot to infiltrate at night, without weapons since it is forbidden and if caught at least they’d stand a fighting chance. Because this is Thrones, it immediately goes awry and the two are forced to kill two Dothraki who recognize them, one of whom Daario stabs with his favorite knife, saving Jorah’s life. Daario mutilates the corpse with a rock to cover up the murder and go off to find Dany at the dosh khaleen temple.

Book of the Stranger

The more Dany hears about the dosh khaleen, the more it sounds like hell to her. Fortunately, her two suitors actually succeed in finding and (almost) rescuing her. But Dany being Dany makes an impetuous decision to stay (this is beyond a character trait into flaw territory, but we’ll come back to this) but retain the two bickering warriors and the random solo dosh khaleen she suddenly trusts because reasons.

When time comes for Dany’s judgment in front of every Dothraki khal, her casual smirk cues us into that the plan is going a bit faster than expected. When she successfully trolls the macho men into a rage by being a woman and making them feel womanly in return, she pulls her coup de grace skill: complete immunity to fire. She topples the lanterns inside the hut where she trapped them, killing every single khal. In a deliberate echo of the first season, she steps out to thousands of Dothraki, who kneel before the burning girl. Joran and Daario join them.

The theme of this season has been rebirth, literal in Jon’s case and figuartive here as Dany replicates her first transformation on a massive scale. There’s a joy seeing these characters’ learnt lessons applied, like Jon, Sansa and Dany have in their storylines.

I have to say, I did not expect this story to go by so quickly, especially when it was discovered that the episode 6 title would “Blood of My Blood.” However, I really shouldn’t have been surprised given the truncation undergone with other storylines and the showrunners’ desire to end the show sooner rather than later. It capped the episode great and put Dany back in a position of power, exactly where the show and audience want her.

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