Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E6 ‘Blood Of My Blood’

The Riverlands: The Tullys/Freys

Walder Frey is back, baby! As a huge fan of David Bradley and a huge fan of hating Walder Frey, his blackly comic return did its duty, I’d say. While his frightened-looking child wife stands by, he listens to his sons Lame Lothar and Black Walder lament the Blackfish’s capture of Riverrun. Meanwhile, the Riverland houses are rising up in rebellion and the Brotherhood Without Banners gets name-dropped for the first time in three seasons (a certain Red Priest of that merry band is due to return).

Walder the patriarch is literally Donald Drumpf personified. He hears all slights, real and imagined. Even after the Red Wedding, which was supposed to get him respect, he’s ranting about others’ laughing at him. Thank God there’s no Twitter in Westeros.

Walder, as if on cue to remind us how much we hate him, brags about his sons’ murders of Talisa and Catelyn and reintroduces poor Edmure. His plan is typical: threaten Edmure’s life to make the Blackfish give up the castle. He’ll also have the Crown’s help in the matter . . .

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