Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E7 “The Broken Man”

The Riverlands: Jaime, the Tullys/Freys, Brienne

Speaking of return fan-favorites, Bronn is back and he’s as frickin’ hilarious as ever. Jerome Flynn’s flavor – and his ascent up the social ladder – is one of the most underrated parts of the show. They arrive at Riverrun with a Lannister army numbering 8,000 strong and see with dismay the haphazard “siege.” The Freys are busy threatening Edmure’s life in front of his uncle Brynden, by hanging, by throat-slitting, complete with taunts about murdering their dead relatives.

Befitting his gruff, no-nonsense nature, the Blackfish is having none of it and walks off telling them to do it. Black Walder and Lame Lothar are unable to carry out the threat. Jaime gives a Tyrion style smack to the elder brother, puts Bronn in command and arranges a parley with Blackfish.

The Broken Man

Jaime arrives at the gate for the meeting. But unless Jaime wants to surrender either himself or his forces, Brynden Tully is not ready to concede anything for any reason. I kinda thought he’d be killed by betrayal in violation of parley here but Jaime has continued professing his newfound honor. We’ll see how long it sticks now that the Blackfish has eliminated the possibility of a peaceful surrender.

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