Game Of Thrones Recap: S6E8 ‘No One’

Braavos: Arya

We did not leave Arya in a good place last week as the above photo shows but we start this week in Braavos not with her, but Lady Crane delivering another soulful performance as Cersei in The Bloody Hand . . . until she discovers the exsanguinated Arya collapsed backstage.

Apparently, both her wounds were minor and Crane a good medic because by night, Arya’s apparently recovered. Crane pleads for Arya to join the theater troupe in Pentos. But Arya knows the Waif will never stop hunting her so instead, she wonders about going west of Westeros, to the edge of the Known World. Perhaps its a fanciful notion but one that is very appealing. Imagine a pirate/adventurer Arya?

The Waif interrupts any chance of that, showing up to murder Lady Crane before villainously taunting Arya, giving her the requisite time to escape through the window. Arya runs like someone who either wasn’t stabbed a dozen times last week or got a Senzu bean from Lady Crane. She wanders through a crowded sauna, a crowded marketplace (jeez, how bout an UNcrowded place) until reality (aka her wounds) catch up with her.

The Waif follows the Stark girl’s blood trail down the backalleys of Braavos into the dark room that Arya never should have left in the first place. Cornered, it appears over. The weakened Arya picks up Needle and destroys the room’s lone candle, plunging the room into darkness.

Back at the House of Black and White, Jaqen (was this guy and the Waif the only Faceless in this place?) spots a blood trail he follows to their Hall of Faces. In another off-screen event(!!!), the wounded Arya managed to kill and face-scalp the Waif, placed among the others in the hall. Jaqen isn’t angry, even when Arya shows up with a sword to his heart. Far from it; he’s proud. She officially reclaims his identity, his nod ensures her safe travel and she strides out the assassin guild. Uh, that’s all folks?

Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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