‘Game Of Thrones’: Everything We Know So Far About Season 7

Beyond-the-Wall: The Night King, Bran & Meera

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In the ungoverned land Beyond-the-Wall, the Night King awaits with an unstoppable army of corpses. He’s a force of nature, a personification of winter, and he’s coming for the Seven Kingdoms. Last we saw the royal ice demon, he was killing the Three-Eyed Raven (Max von Sydow), sending the old greenseer’s successor Bran Stark running (well, maybe not *running*) with the help of Meera and Hodor (RIP). Bran and Meera survived the attack thanks to the intervention of his long-lost uncle Benjen, a “good” zombie who managed to retain his humanity after death. He left the two at a Weirwood tree near the Wall in the season 6 finale, implying dead things like him are magically barred from passing.

Bran was also the one who discovered Jon Snow’s true parentage, that of Daenerys’ deceased brother Rhaegar and his aunt Lyanna. It seems to set up Bran informing Jon in some way. Will he go to Winterfell to tell him directly? Or will Bran communicate with his bastard brother (well, cousin actually) via the Weirwood trees? One way or another, except Jon to find out this year and it’s a safe bet Bran will be involved in that.

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