‘Game of Thrones’ Star Michael McElhatton Has A Role In ‘Justice League’

Michael McElhattonZack Snyder’s upcoming DC Comics film, Justice League, just got a hell of a lot bigger. The latest actor to reveal his involvement in the project is none other than Game of Thrones star Michael McElhatton. The actor could not talk about who – or what – he is playing, but in a new interview with Red Carpet News, McElhatton revealed his excitement and praise for the film and Snyder. He also mentions that his character appears in the film’s opening sequence, which is rumoured to be a huge battle.

You can check out what the actor had to say about his role in Justice League below:

McElhatton is best known for his role as Roose Bolton on the hit-HBO show Game of Thrones. He also has a role in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming blockbuster, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Who do you guys think the actor is portraying? Could he be Darkseid? Probably not, but it is rather cool to have an actor of his calibre joining Snyder’s upcoming film.

McElhatton’s role must be rather important, considering his reluctance to reveal the name of his character. Of course, we will not know the answer until Justice League hits theatres everywhere on November 17th.

‘Justice League’: 10 Highlights From The New Trailer

Justice LeagueAfter eight months of waiting for the next trailer, fans’ eager anticipation for their newest look at Justice League has been vindicated. The new trailer, set to the tune to “Come Together” promises a lighter, more fun tone for the DC Extended Universe, and the glimpse of this team dynamic between Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash is showcasing that DC may be course correcting the ship after all.

There are a bunch of great moments throughout this trailer, so here are 10 of the coolest highlights. With this new footage, I’m starting to feel that Geoff Johns’ promise for more “hope and optimism” is ringing true for the future of this franchise.

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