‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Talks Season 6 Criticism

got-jamieHBO’s Game of Thrones is known for having jaw-dropping, shocking moments that leaves the Internet talking for days but for many, portions of this latest season have seemed slower. This is excluding, the now infamous “hold the door” moment, which left many in an emotional state of shock.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jaime Lannister, spoke with TV Line about this current season and why fans have to be patient.

“It’s funny. I think a lot of things happen in every episode. But, I mean, I get it. People are spoiled — in a good way! — and you expect some crazy stuff. But it’s been like that every year.”

Coster-Waldau explained that with a show like Thrones, it’s important to build up to these unforgettable and larger than life moments.

“You also know that there’s a reason why. You can’t hit the maximum volume each episode. Then you get numb to it. It has to build up. You have to tell a story, lay the seeds. Then hopefully — and I believe — the payoff is so much better and so much greater, instead of just getting everything at once.”

This Sunday’s  “The Battle of Bastards” is likely to be one of those episodes that leaves the Internet talking and fans happy. Heroic’s own Sam Flynn wrote up his five predictions for what will happen during “The Battle of Bastards.” Check out his piece here and read his full recap Sunday evening.

Source: TV Line 

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  • Thanostic

    This season has felt a little different, but that’s at least partly to not knowing what happens in book 6, since there is no book 6 yet. I vehemently disagree with those who thought episode 8 was slow or a snoozer, though – I thought that episode was terrific. #aryastarkofwinterfell

  • Chris W

    I have enjoyed this season quite a bit.

  • batghost

    This has been the best season so far. If anything, I feel like every episode has pushed the story further ahead in such a great way.

    And yes…I have read all the books. Multiple times. I like the show better.

    This season is great.

    • Vegas82

      Agreed. I haven’t enjoyed a season this much since the first. And with the epicness of next weeks battle it will only get better.