‘Game Of Thrones’: Kit Harington Says There Will Be Tension Between Jon & Sansa

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Sansa Stark
The previous season of Game of Thrones concluded with Jon Snow being proclaimed the King in the North after reclaiming Winterfell from the barbaric Ramsay Bolton. However, Littlefinger immediately began sowing the seeds of doubt in Sansa Stark, pointing to her crucial role in the battle for control of Winterfell and the fact that she is the legitimate heir to her family’s home as evidence that she should be the one leading the northerners. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Kit Harington discussed how the tension between Jon and Sansa will develop in the seventh season.

Harington discussed how the tension between Jon and Sansa will go beyond a typical sibling rivalry:

“There is definite tension between them right from the first scene. There are the same problems — she questions his decisions and command; he doesn’t listen to her. But as far as where that goes or takes them or how dark it can get, we’ll see. It gets past sibling squabbling, it gets into two people power struggling.”

Harington also discussed his experience playing a more confident Jon Snow:

“It’s a nice change for me this season, he talks more, he’s more sure of himself. He doesn’t just know what he’s got to do but he’s more sure of what he’s saying — whereas before there was always some fear and doubt. I’ve gotten to enjoy not just grunting.”

If I remember correctly, Jon Snow acknowledged Sansa as the legitimate heir to Winterfell and concluded that she should lead the army they had assembled before she insisted he assume the role. In that case, it would be pretty cruel of Sansa to betray Jon Snow, as Littlefinger has suggested. However, if the newly proclaimed King continues to make fatal errors, perhaps it may be her only option. How do you think the tension between the siblings will unfold? Share your thoughts below!

Game of Thrones season seven premieres on HBO on July 16, 2017.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  • Vegas82

    I hope some of that tension comes about from the revelation that R+L=J