Geoff Johns Interested In Creating DC Comics’ ‘Hitman’ As TV Series

Hitman TV SHowDC comic legends Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti are interested in creating an adaption of the DC comic series Hitman for the small screen.

During the DC on DC panels that have been happening throughout the day, one of the most interesting tidbits of news came from a Q and A session between Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti. During the panel, the duo were asked to reveal anything interesting happening with DC’s Hitman property.

Johns revealed that he and Berlanti had been discussing a potential Hitman show:

“My standard answer is, I’ll really answer the question. My standard answer is, and Greg and I always joke about this, there’s always a chance because there always is a chance, but we actually are talking about Hitman.”

Seeing as Johns has been discussing the show with Berlanti, it makes sense that the show could eventually join the Arrowverse. The character and the story surrounding it seems perfect for the Arrowverse, though nobody would mind the show having a much more mature tone.

Hitman tells the story of a military veteran who decides to become a hitman after he gets bitten by an alien parasite. Realizing that he now has abilities like X-Ray vision, he decides to use his powers to take on various contracts to take out high-profile targets.

Nothing is set in stone about a Hitman show, though it is a clear indicator that talks are happening, which could signal the show being announced in the near future.


10 DC Comics Heroes That Should Appear On ‘Black Lightning’

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Black Lightning DC ComicsBlack Lightning premieres on the CW this month and fan excitement is high. Since it was announced that Black Lightning would not exist in the Arrowverse, but instead would be part of the multiverse like Supergirl, DC fans have been wondering what that means for other heroes to appear. Arrow started to introduce a larger canvas in season one with the introduction of Huntress and The Flash‘s first season introduced Firestorm so it stands to reason other DC Comics heroes might pop up in Black Lightning sooner rather than later.

This separate universe may open the door for Black Lightning to introduce lesser known DC heroes that don’t quite fit with the Justice League-level of heroes found in the Arrowverse. Black Lightning has a history of this in the comics, being a member of Batman’s the Outsiders, a group of superheroes who don’t quite fit the traditional standards of the superhero community. That should be the standard for what heroes are introduced on Black Lightning.

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