Geoff Johns Discusses The Art Of DC’s ‘Doomsday Clock’ Event Series

Geoff Johns Doomsday Clock
Over a week ago, DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns explained that his vision for the unexpected crossover between Watchmen and the DC Universe is one that’s meant to be thought-provoking. Now, Johns is going further into detail by explaining that the art to his story – Doomsday Clock – is a major component in how the thought-provoking questions of the event series are presented.

Johns is promising fans the a unique kind of comic-reading experience and is crediting artist Gary Frank (whom he has collaborated with on stories like Batman: Earth One, Superman: Secret Origin, and Justice League: Shazam!) for contributing visuals that fully illustrate his intended vision. He even goes on to say that Gary Frank is the only artist who could have pulled a story like Doomsday Clock off! In the following video, Johns points out a handful of panels that have a spiritual connection to Watchmen itself, along with those that just happen to tell stories in and of themselves.

The event series, which the entire DC Rebirth line has been building up to since the DC Universe Rebirth one-shot that Johns wrote that kicked off the entire relaunch, follows several heroes of the DC Universe as they come to realize the current timeline in which they live in has been influenced by a higher power – an entity known as Doctor Manhattan. While little else is known about the plot itself, the series is said to involve a confrontation between two entities representing the two different universes: the idealistic, caring Superman of the DC Universe, and the cynical, aloof Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen.

Doomsday Clock starts ticking on November 22, 2017. The series will run for twelve issues.

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HBO was clearly taking notes when Netflix started releasing their shows, so this seems like a great moment for Marvel to take some notes on their competition. If DC is going to churn out a Watchmen series, then Marvel needs to dig deep into their libraries to find stories worthy of being brought to the silver screen.

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