George Romero Blames Brad Pitt & ‘The Walking Dead’ For Ruining Zombie Genre


Zombies have certainly taken over pop culture, the living dead are appearing on popular TV shows and movies. With AMC’s The Walking Dead dominating ratings and World War Z becoming a hit at the box office, it doesn’t appear that this trend is going to die down anytime soon.

George Romero (Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead) was recently talking about these new trends and how it’s moving away from the original zombie horror roots. Romero even called out a few properties in particular that have caused this decline in the genre, in his opinion. The main offenders being Brad Pitt and The Walking Dead.

“Because of World War Z and The Walking Dead, I can’t pitch a modest little zombie film, which is meant to be socio-political…The moment you mention the word zombie, it’s got to be, ‘hey, Brad Pitt paid $400 million to do that’ … It had to be a zombie film with just zombies wreaking havoc. That’s not what I’m about.”

Romero has released three zombie-focused films since 2000; Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead and Survival of the Dead. None of which have caught on at the box office or with mainstream audiences.

Do you think that shows like The Walking Dead or movies like World War Z are changing the zombie genre? Do you agree with Romero or are you more interested in seeing what Negan does next week on The Walking Dead? Comment below and let’s chat!

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‘The Walking Dead’ airs on AMC Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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  • Will Montgomery II

    Personally not a watcher of The Walking Dead, World War Z, or any of those recent Romero flicks. To me, he sounds like he’s just whining. I don’t think the successes in the genre are responsible for his failures. And that’s if you want to cal being able to bring three movies to market a failure.

  • I have my qualms with Walking Dead and I was really frustrated with World War Z as it took the name of a really good book and squandered it on a middling film which changed so much of the source material it hardly was recognizable (only to fallow the possibility of doing a real adaptation of the book) but Romero has got to admit that both the show and the movie use zombies as metaphors just like he does in his films. His comments do come off as bitter. Its hard to be upped in your own game by others but no one is taking his contributions away from him.

    • Peter James

      Face the fact that you were never going to get a faithful adaptation of World War Z into a 2 hour movie (even a 3 hour movie) within studio confinements that any studio was ever going to greenlight and fund.

      And the only reason this particular ever got greenlit was because Brad Pitt was attached to star in it.

  • Bruce Norris

    Right. Too much socio-political “beat down”. I’ll take some of that, but I need good characters and strong story to help wash it down.

  • batghost

    Zombies are so played. Zzz…