World’s First Official ‘Star Trek’ Ride Opens In Movie Park Germany

Star Trek Roller Coaster
Star Trek is going to boldly go where it’s never gone before by becoming a theme park attraction in Europe. Star Trek: Operation Enterprise has just opened in Bottrop, Germany’s Movie Park. reports that the Operation Enterprise ride has lifted off two years after planning on the attraction began. Movie Park Germany’s General Manager, Thorsten Backhaus, had the following to say:

“We’re incredibly proud of our new themed attraction. It’s a roller coaster that gives guests an adrenaline rush and much more, because it takes them right into the heart of the Star Trek universe before the ride even begins, making them part of the story. We’re the only theme park to have secured an official Star Trek coaster license. Movie Park Germany collaborated closely with CBS Consumer Products in the USA to get this project off the ground, and it’s a real milestone for both partners.”

A video previewing what the ride looks like can be seen below:

While the ride itself looks like a standard roller coaster, the Star Trek experience will still be felt by park attendees – Movie Park Germany created a Federation Plaza area that covers 1000 square meters, featuring a number of buildings and smaller areas around the main attraction that honor the entirety of the long-running franchise. The ride’s official story is as follows:

The Enterprise and her crew are on their way to a United Federation of Planets meeting when they are attacked by the Borg and taken aboard the enemy ship. The Enterprise is now unmanned and caught in a tractor beam. The only hope of rescue is the Starfleet cadets on the bridge of a nearby ship at the time of the attack. They are preparing to be launched out of their ship’s transporter room in shuttles on a rescue mission. This holodeck mission’s success depends on the cadets breaching the Borg ship’s deflector shield, destroying its main systems and saving the crew of the Enterprise. The mission itself begins when guests enter the triple launch coaster. Complementing the entire experience, the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra recorded a full and rich soundtrack that can be heard both outside and inside the attraction.

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise is open to all guests at Movie Park Germany.


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