Get Your First Look At Black Bolt & Lockjaw From ‘Marvel’s The Inhumans’

The Inhumans have had a pretty rock road to the screen. Originally set for a big-budget blockbuster, the film has resurfaced as a two-hour pilot for a TV adaptation. As the show is currently shooting in Hawaii, we have our first look at Anton Mount as the team’s leader, Black Bolt. Judging by the set photos, the character’s iconic costume has gone through a pretty big change.

For instance, Black Bolt does not appear to have a mask. While this may not be the case for the entire run, it appears as if the King of the Inhumans will not hide his face. The character’s costume also takes a departure from the source material, as Bolt’s zig-zag pattern has now been changed to black, instead of white. The character looks like a love child between a X-Men costume and a super villain from Arrow. Could this suit be one of the many costumes Bolt will wear? Here’s hoping so.

We also received our first look at a pre-CGI Lockjaw. This Lockjaw is simply on set to create an idea for the actors, as the character will be completely CGI’d when the series hits.

You can check out the images below:

So, what do you guys think? Are you excited to check out Marvel’s The Inhumans when it hits? How do you guys feel about Black Bolt’s costume? I am hoping we will see a more traditional suit as the show goes on, in particular, the character’s awesome mask and wings. The first two episodes of the show will screen – exclusively – in IMAX screens for two weeks on September 1st, before the show picks up on ABC from September 26th.

Source: Reel News Hawaii 

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