‘Ghost in the Shell’ Will Use A Lesser-Known Character As Villain

Earlier this morning, the first Ghost in the Shell trailer and movie poster were released. Director Rupert Sanders has now confirmed that the Puppetmaster, one of the most well-known villains, will not be the primary villain in the film.

Instead, Hideo Kuze, a lesser-known villain will be the big bad in the movie. Sanders also mentioned that Kuze will be made up of several other anime characters in the series wrapped into one.

“I think, to be honest, Kuze borrows a few facets from different characters in the series. He’s not just Kuze and he’s not just the puppet master. He’s kind of an amalgamation of the way he moves through the network is borrowed from other elements.”

The creation of Kuze was, in part, helped by actor Michael Pitt, who will be playing the villain.

“Michael Pitt was incredibly immersed in that world. I mean he really went fully in there,” Sanders explained. “He was living in a shipping container next to set, so he could smoke and punch bags simultaneously. He’d be constantly skipping rope. He was incredible. Him and Scarlett together were these incredible specimens. He was scrawling and drawing and he really immersed himself in the violence of the man. I think it’s an incredible performance.”

Ghost in the Shell stars Scarlett Johansson and is in theaters March 31, 2017.

Source: ComicBook.com

Mae Abdulbaki

Mae Abdulbaki

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