‘Ghost In The Shell’ Shelling Sequence Brought To Life

Ghost In The Shell

Even without knowing all that much about the original 1995 Ghost In The Shell anime, the chances are you know of the scene which depicts the iconic creation of the lead character, which has come to be known as the shelling sequence. In fact, even if you aren’t aware of the scene specifically, you’ve almost definitely seen the mark that it has left across higher budget Hollywood science fiction movies since, with many directors citing the 1995 anime as an influence on different projects.

Obviously, when it comes to the anime being brought to life for a live-action film next year, the infamous shelling sequence is one that fans are eager to see executed with care.

You can view the live action shelling sequence below, followed by the original 1995 shelling sequence for comparison:

Richard Taylor of Weta, the visual effects company handling the scene alongside director Rupert Sanders and producer Avi Arad, had this to say on the logistics of bringing the iconic scene to life during a recent set visit from IGN:

If you look at things like the transitions of light through the skeletal structure and the exposure of the understructure the skeleton with the ballistics gel and the muscularity of the visual imagery and so on, you can start to appreciate at some level the challenges around building objects that can emulate this. The animatronics required are some of the most advanced we’ve done.

I did a diagram almost like a chocolate factory. Because if you were making cyborgs in the future, you would make them in no different way, mental way, than you would making chocolate in a factory today. So I drew it as a factory, and the process and then I split each one of those out and then I did a drawing on how we were to achieve each effect. And then I showed those drawings to Ari and Rupert, and then the designers went and conceptualized each of those and then Jan [Roelfs, the production designer] took that concept and he did a much more beautiful way to visualize it.

Ghost In The Shell hits theaters on March 31st, 2017.

Source: IGN



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