‘The Gifted’: Magneto’s Surprising Role & Effect On Polaris

Uploaded imageThe Gifted premiered on FOX this fall with a whole new set of mutants, many never before seen in the live-action world.

One such character is Lorna Dane/Polaris, portrayed by Emma Dumont, who exhibits the extraordinary ability of being able to control metal. To those familiar with the X-Men universe, this ability draws a quick comparison to Magneto. As there is rarely ever a coincidence in the Marvel world, Lorna is actually the daughter of Magneto in the comics.

With Showrunner Matt Nix confirming that Magneto is indeed Lorna’s father in The Gifted, how exactly will this fact be incorporated in the show? Dumont had this to say on the matter:

“I think that’s actually a big part of her struggle this season specifically and going into next season,” Dumont said of Lorna’s history with Magneto. “You know, she hears these rumors about who her true birth father is. They obviously have very similar abilities, and so she has a hard time figuring out what that means for her. Is he a villain like people say? Or is he just doing what he thinks is right? She has those same opinions and feelings, and she feels that same stubborn, hard-edged anger that [Magneto] is rumored to have, and people always compare them and say they’re so similar. I think, she’s longing for a family, but she doesn’t know if that’s the family she wants to be a part of, or if that makes her bad or not.”

It appears that the extent of Magneto’s role will be to create an identity struggle within Lorna, so don’t expect him to make an appearance anytime soon. As Magneto and the X-Men exist in this story, Dumont expounded on if and when fans found out what exactly happened to them:

“We’re in a world where the Brotherhood and the X-Men exist/existed,” Dumont says, “They live in a world where that’s a mystery. It’s almost like an urban legend… I think down the road some of those questions are definitely going to be answered because it changes the whole world that they’re living in.”

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

Source: TV Guide

New Comic Book Shows That Are Coming In 2017-2018

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Comic Book TVThe current TV season is pretty much done as several comic book and superhero TV shows have concluded their respective seasons. All the comic book shows that aired this year will be back for the new TV season with The CW’s The Flash, Supergirl, Riverdale, iZombie, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, with ABC bringing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. back for another season and FOX giving Gotham and Lucifer another go.

FX is also bringing back their new comic book TV hit series with Legion while AMC is bringing back The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead for new seasons, along with their new Vertigo hit Preacher. While the comic book TV landscape is already epic in scope, it’s only going to get bigger next year. The 2017-2018 television season is going to be one of the biggest seasons of all time for comic book adaptations for both DC and Marvel.

To make it a bit easier to keep up with what is coming out next season, we have put together a perfect guide of what new comic book shows are coming to the silver screen. The shows that we have listed are those that have officially been picked up to series and been guaranteed a slot for the 2017-2018 TV season, for both broadcast television, cable and streaming services.

Several of these new comic book shows, while picked up to series, are still in the process of casting their leads as well as getting official premiere dates set. Hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through all the new exciting comic book and superhero television shows that are coming from DC and Marvel.

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