‘The Gifted’: 10 X-Men Characters That Need To Appear In Season 2

10. Northstar

Northstar X-Men

Northstar is one of the most prominent gay characters in comics, and with the X-Men and specifically Gifted being an allegory for prejudice, a superhero that identifies as homosexual works conceptionally and thematically. A character who fears for his life not just because he is a mutant provides a chance for some great social commentary.

The character’s powers of super speed are similar to Quicksilver so audiences have an understanding of his powerset. His other ability is light manipulation which parallels nicely with Blink’s ability to teleport people with light. Northstar could act as a mentor and much-needed friend. He typically has a sister, Aurora, and given the darker state of the Gifted timeline, his sister could either be captured by Sentinel Services or have been killed by the time he crosses paths with the lead characters.

Northstar is one of the most important characters in comic history that sadly hasn’t gotten the attention he deserves, and probably won’t make it to the big screen anytime soon. Yet television has always been able to push boundaries in ways that film takes years to follow. An openly gay powerful superhero on a major network could make a major impact far outside the television series itself.

  • TheMostEvilCreature

    I love the Rachel idea but I feel like Xorn would instantly be figured out by fans and it would only cause too many problems with like overshadowing Polaris in the show since everyone would then fixate on her dad instead probably. Callisto, X-Cutioner, Graydon Creed are all fairly “grounded” characters the show could definitely use in s2 as well. Karima perhaps. Master Mold might be too out there for this show but I would like it.