First Look At Gorilla City And Hawkgirl on ‘The Flash’

Last night’s episode of The Flash titled “Gorilla Warfare” was a big one in terms of DC Comics Easter Eggs. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, you will probably want to avoid the following as it reveals some big spoilers from it.

During the episode, as Team Flash was taking down Grodd, they end up sending him to a jungle in Earth-2 that had been experimented on and for DC fans, it’s exactly what it was: a first look of Gorilla City, which comes from the comic books.

Whether this is a setup for a possible arc for later in the second season or something that they will do in the third season, remains to be seen. It’s cool however that they are at least teasing it. The other big Easter Egg was more tied with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as Cisco did his vibing while kissing Kendra a.k.a. Hawkgirl. During his vibing, he saw Kendra’s past life as the winged warrior which you can catch below.

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(Andy Behbakht)

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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