’Gotham’: ‘Blood Rush’ Review

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gotham-308_scn34_jn0355_f_hires1Gotham knows how to turn up the crazy every week and tonight’s episode was no exception as the Gordon returns to the Gotham City Police Department  where Barnes is continuing to lose it as Alice’s blood is infecting him more.

In this episode, Barnes struggles with the blood infection as he starts to lose it both mentally and physically. This however is just good for Jervis as he takes big pleasure in enjoying Barnes’ condition. As Barnes’ condition grows worse, Gordon begins to pick up on Barnes’ behavior.

Meanwhile, Nygma is experiencing some struggle as he begin to worry that he will accidentally kill Isabella too because of how much she reminds him of Ms. Kringle. So he decides to break it off, but asks Penguin to do it for him. Isabella, however, is not willing to give up on their relationship and tries to help Nygma overcome his fears.

While Nygma is dealing with that and Barnes tries to handle his issues, Leslie and Mario have their engagement party which Gordon and Bullock attends. However, Mario and Gordon have their issues on the side as Mario is still not happy with how Gordon handled the situation with Mad Hatter a few weeks ago.

As usual, a lot happened in this week’s episode of Gotham that we want to break-down and discuss. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through the top 5 highlights and important moments of the Gotham Season 3 episode: “Blood Rush”

#5: Gordon Back At GCPD

#4: Trouble In Nygma’s Paradise

#3: Penguin’s Jealousy Grows

#2: The Fall Of Barnes Continues

#1: Gordon Is Onto Barnes

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