’Gotham’: ‘Destiny Calling’/’Heavydirtysoul’…

Page 1 - In the two-hour finale of Gotham Season 3, Jim tries to save the city from the virus while Bruce meets Ra's Al Ghul.

Gotham opens up with right where we left off in last week’s episode as the virus bomb has been unleashed on Gotham City. At the station, we see the criminals breaking out of their cages and taking down cops, while Jim, who is still under the effects of the virus, is trying to get in control of himself before Bullock finds him. Jim assures Bullock that he is fine, but Bullock asks Jim for his gun. Jim hands Bullock the gun while asking him if he has seen Leslie who got away when the bomb went off. They go to see Bruce as he is in the interrogation room while Bullock wonders if that really is the real Bruce. Alfred assures them that it’s his Bruce and wants to try and get through to him. Lucius walks in and asks for the officers to come with him. He believes that Hugo Strange has been working on an antidote and Jim asks if Hugo is still at the station. Bullock breaks down the deal he made with Alfred who got answers out of Hugo. While Jim walks away, Lucius is concerned about him, but Bullock believes that Jim can fight the virus.

Elsewhere, Nygma is, somehow, finding the city being in chaos incredibly beautiful as he praises the work of the Court of Owls. Barbara suggests that they take this opportunity to take over the city, but Nygma only wants to kill the Penguin who is with Fish. Nygma tries to get Barbara to help him again, but she won’t agree to it that easily. Barbara suggests that if he helps her get the city, she will happily help him.

At the train station, Hugo is trying to get away, but gets stopped by Fish Mooney who needs him. Fish tells him that she needs more of the virus and persuades him to help her. Bullock gets a phone call by Leslie who wants to talk with Jim as she is checking up on him to see if the virus has managed to take him over completely. Leslie tries to mess with Jim’s head, suggesting that soon the virus will take him over and set him free. Jim tries to focus while Leslie keeps rambling on before hanging up, promising him they will see each other soon. Bullock alerts Jim that someone spotted Hugo as he decides to go and investigate, while giving Jim his gun back, hoping that he won’t go wild with it. They catch up with Hugo and are surprised to see Fish there. Bullock and Jim demand her to hand Hugo over as he is the only solution to stop the virus infection. Hugo and Fish both notice that Jim has taken the virus while she asks him how it feels. Fish refuses to hand Hugo over as Mr. Freeze ice both Bullock and Jim’s hands. As Mr. Freeze gets ready to fire again, the virus begins to take Jim over as he stops Freeze from icing them both by accidentally getting a wall of ice created between the two parties.

Jim and Bullock try to figure out a way to get out of the ice block as Jim starts punching it, with his super-strength. The more he punches it, the worse Jim gets by the virus as he gets them out. They drive back to the station, where one of the detectives starts to get taken over by the virus before killing one of the officers.

Elsewhere, Mr. Freeze and Firefly are keeping watch at Hugo as they are toying with him before Oswald shows up, amused with Hugo’s situation. Oswald admits that he is partnering up with Fish as he admires the vision she has for Gotham City. He asks Hugo where the antidote is, but the smirking professor refuses to answer. Oswald recaps the “treatment” he got from Hugo at Arkham Asylum and reveals that he brought that same machine with him. Oswald puts it on Hugo who starts freaking out and wants to give them the answer, but Oswald wants to torture him first.

Back at the station, Alfred is doing everything he can to get through to Bruce, but he is still furious about Alfred killing the Shaman. As Alfred attempts to get Bruce to snap out of it, Bruce warns that a bigger force is coming, more dangerous than the Court of Owls. While Alfred tries to get through to him, Bruce wants the butler to leave, but Alfred refuses. Alfred starts telling Bruce a story from when Bruce was young, back when he still had Thomas and Martha while explaining to Bruce that the Shaman didn’t really help Bruce in getting vengeance for his parents. They start to hear the commotion that is going on outside as Alfred leaves the room to see what’s going on where the infected detective is firing at his colleagues. Lucius manages to knock the detective out before Alfred rushes back to Bruce who has escaped.

Fish and her gang are on their way to retrieve the virus and the antidote as Hugo shows them the way. Hugo hands them over six blue tubes that consist of a concentrated antidote. They head back out and find two of Fish’s men knocked out before a group of mysterious assassins emerge in front of them. One of them asks Fish to hand over the antidote before Firefly and Mr. Freeze try to blast the assassins with fire and ice. As Bullock and Jim are on their way, the virus starts to get worse within Jim as he begins barking orders at Bullock. They arrive as Jim starts taking the assassins out, one by one. But Jim accidentally drives his sword into Fish. As Fish is falling down, the antidote tubes fall out of her hands and gets destroyed. Oswald runs over to catch Fish who asks him for one final wish: either make sure that Oswald makes the city his or to burn it down before she passes away. Oswald, filled with rage, accuses Jim for being the true monster before almost getting choked to death by Jim. Bullock knocks Jim out from the behind as GCPD officers show up to arrest Hugo who assures Bullock that he can make more of the antidote, but needs just one thing.

The Mad Hatter is being transported, but Butch and Tabitha show up to kill the driver before kidnapping Jervis. They bring Jervis over to Nygma and Barbara who believe that Tetch is the key to taking over Gotham City, as Nygma is convinced that without him, Hugo can’t make the antidote.

Elsewhere, Bruce is observing his infected city, while Lucius and Alfred are following him. Bruce continues to walk down the streets of the city as he is looking for “The Demon’s Head”. He eventually arrives in front of a door with a dragon on it, with the word “Yuyan”. Bruce goes in and finds a path down to some mysterious tunnels. Alfred and Lucius arrive just a few minutes after him as Alfred walks into look for him. Bruce is suddenly surrounded by a group of assassins that are dressed the same way as the ones that attacked Fish and her gang. One of them points Bruce towards the gate behind the assassins as Bruce walks in and finds a mysterious green pit. A man in a mantle warns him to not touch it as he knew that the Shaman sent him. This man knows what is going on as he informs Bruce that he is the Demon’s Head that Bruce is searching for before introducing himself as Ra’s Al Ghul.

Ra’s is curious on why Bruce has come to him as Bruce explains that the Shaman told him that Ra’s could help Bruce with his training. But Ra’s is not sure if Bruce is truly ready as Bruce tries to convince him that he really is. Ra’s is also not happy with Bruce failing to obey the Shaman’s final order, but Bruce explains that Alfred got him distracted from fulfilling it. However, Ra’s is willing to give Bruce another chance. Two assassins show up with Alfred as Ra’s explains to Bruce that Alfred is his past as he needs Bruce to embrace the future. Ra’s hands Bruce a sword and instructs him to kill the butler. Bruce takes the sword while Alfred tries to get through to Bruce as he tells him the promise he made Thomas and Martha, to always look after him. Alfred tells Bruce that he loves him so much that if Bruce needs to kill him in order to fulfil his destiny, he will make that sacrifice for him. Bruce screams and drives the sword through Alfred.


Bruce begins to snap out of the mind-control and realizes what he has done as Alfred falls down. Alfred dies while Ra’s is laughing at Bruce. Bruce tries to find the Demon’s Head who is hiding in the shadows before disappearing. Bruce looks at the mysterious green pool and decides to use some of its water on Alfred’s wounds. Alfred suddenly wakes up as he is alive before Bruce gets him out of there.

Back at the abandoned station, Jim gets a call from Leslie again who is getting ready to leave Gotham City and wants him to come with her. Leslie makes Jim promise her to be there before she hangs up. Bullock shows up to get Jim caught up as Jim suggests that they hand Oswald to Barbara in exchange for Jervis, realizing that Jim doesn’t have much time left.

Nygma gets contacted by Jim who tells him the proposal while Butch and Tabitha are scheming. Barbara shows up before they all realize that Nygma is gone and so is Jervis. She starts freaking out at Butch and Tabitha before storming out. Oswald is being escorted by Bullock and Jim as he tries to reason with them. They bring him to the agreed meeting spot where they find Nygma and Jervis waiting for them. As Jim tries to make the exchange, Jervis notices that Jim is infected before Barbara and her gang crash the party. Nygma tosses a grenade at them as a gun fight starts while Oswald escapes in the GCPD car. Jim, Bullock and Jervis try to shake off the Sirens as Jim gets them into a warehouse.

Jervis warns Jim that the next time he uses his abilities the virus will take over completely as Jim tries to fight it. Jim realizes that they only need Jervis’ blood as he cuts him and gets away with Bullock. They bring the jar of blood back to the station as Bullock sees that Jim is getting worse. As Jim starts punching a bunch of lockers, Bullock delivers the news that the antidote is ready. He brings him to the lab as Jim starts demanding that he needs the scientist to make two samples, one for him and one for Leslie. Bullock tries to calm Jim down, assuring that they will have time to make another sample while also catching up with Leslie. Jim doesn’t think there is enough time and locks Bullock inside the lab.

Jim goes to Leslie’s apartment and finds her waiting for him as she notices that he is still fighting the virus. He tries to inject Leslie with the cure, but she doesn’t want it and wants Jim to let the virus take over. Leslie kisses him while destroying the antidote at the same time. They head to the train station as they are attempting to leave, but Bullock catches up with them both. Leslie begs Jim to not let Bullock stop what they have. Bullock tries to get through to Jim who starts attacking him. Jim lets Bullock live and leaves to go join Leslie onboard the train. As Jim looks behind his badge, he sees that Bullock planted a sample of the antidote and uses it to cure her. Leslie passes out before Jim uses the cure on himself.

Elsewhere, Nygma wakes up in the backseat of Oswald’s car and wonders what Oswald is planning to do with him. As Oswald rambles on while driving, Nygma slowly gets out of his cuffs while mocking Oswald who stops the car. Oswald tries to shoot him, but Nygma get the upper hand and steals the gun from him. Nygma brings Oswald to the docks at the same place where he attempted to kill him the first time. Oswald starts acting weird though as he doesn’t believe that Nygma will kill him. Nygma tries to pull the trigger, but finds out that the gun was empty. Ivy emerges from the behind as Oswald explains to Nygma that after he got knocked out, he contacted his army of freaks. Oswald knows how Nygma works and he isn’t planning on letting him out of his sight anytime soon as Mr. Freeze ices Nygma.

Back at the Sirens Club, tension is high as Barbara tells the others that they will split up and re-group later as she storms off. Butch isn’t willing to wait anymore as he wants to take her out and Tabitha agrees to help him. Later on, Barbara confronts Butch as she knew that he and Tabitha were plotting behind her back this whole time. Butch tries to distract Barbara before she shoots him in the head. Tabitha goes to see Barbara and Butch at the safe house, but only finds a mysterious box waiting for her, containing Butch’s hand. Barbara shows up behind her and aims a gun at Tabitha who asks if Butch was dead. Barbara asks Tabitha if Butch was telling her the truth that Tabitha had nothing to do with betraying her. Tabitha starts fighting Barbara who distracts her fellow Siren with a kiss before trying to knock her out. As Barbara is about to shoot her, Tabitha uses her whip to knock down a lamp into a pile of water as Barbara gets electrocuted and falls down.

While this was all going on, Bruce got Alfred to the emergency room where the doctors noticed the mysteriously half-healed wound, asking Bruce how he was able to close it.  Later on, Selina finds a devastated Bruce and asks if Alfred will be OK, but Bruce begs her to leave. Bruce starts yelling at Selina who decides to give up and leave. Alfred gets out of surgery, but is still in a coma as Bruce breaks down into tears. The next morning, we hear on the news that the threat of the Tetch virus has ended while Alfred wakes up. Bruce apologizes to Alfred for hurting him while admitting that thanks to the Shaman, he doesn’t really know what kind of man he is anymore. Alfred comforts Bruce by explaining that he needs to find his true mask and to let it guide him.

Tabitha gets visited by Selina who finds out that Barbara isn’t coming back. Selina is tired of just being a survivor and wants to be something more than that, hoping that Tabitha can help her. Tabitha decides to take Selina under her wing as she looks at Tabitha’s whip. Selina picks it up and uses it to try and destroy a bottle, which she does with success. Jim returns to Leslie’s apartment as he is looking for her, but finds a letter from her. As Jim reads Leslie’s letter to him, we cut to Nygma being all iced up while Butch (whose birth name is revealed to be something else) is somehow alive. Leslie reveals in the letter that she is leaving the city, not being sure if Gotham City truly deserves saving. But Leslie believes that Jim can save it and in return, the city could even save him, hoping that will one day bring him back to her. Jim goes to see Bullock who learns from Jim that Leslie has left the city.

Later that day, during the evening, a family gets stopped by a mugger who gets taken down by a masked man. We find out that it was none other than Bruce. A lot happened in tonight’s two-hour season finale of Gotham that we want to break down and discuss. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of the highlights and important moments of the Gotham Season 3 finale: “Destiny Calling” and “Heavydirtysoul”.

#9: Introduction Of Ra’s Al Ghul

#8: Death Of Fish Mooney

#7: Was Harley Quinn Just Introduced?

#6: The Penguin Vs The Riddler

#5: Butch’s DC Comics Connection Revealed

#4: Tabitha Takes Selina Under Her Wing

#3: Stopping The Virus

#2: Leslie’s Decision

#1: The Dark Knight Is Coming


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