’Gotham’: ‘Destiny Calling’/’Heavydirtysoul’…

#7 – Was Harley Quinn Just Introduced?

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding this finale was the tease from the Gotham executive producers that we would maybe see Harley Quinn debut. The most popular theory that was going on around was that Barbara would somehow end up as the iconic villain. So did she become Harley after all? My answer: I think?

She gets electrocuted thanks to Tabitha, which is similar to how the Joker in Suicide Squad drove that version of Harley to madness. While it might be out of canon to introduce Harley this early in the game, I have accepted Gotham as truly being a Elseworld-story for the Batman mythology. While we didn’t see Barbara after she got shocked, you know how this works whenever you are dealing with a comic book show. I fully believe we will see Barbara in Season 4, maybe partnering up with a certain Mister Ja- I mean Jerome.

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Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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