‘Gotham’: Jim Gordon’s Feud With Carmine Falcone Not Over

Jim Gordon Carmine Falcone Feud Not OverAlthough Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is safe for the moment thanks to Carmine Falcone’s (John Doman) change of heart, there’s still plenty of bad blood between the two on Gotham. Considering that Gordon killed Falcone’s son, Mario, seeing the retired crime boss call off Victor Zsasz (Anthony Carrigan) and the hit on Gordon may have come as a surprise. But with the return of Jerome (Cameron Monaghan), the two have set aside their feud – for now.

Executive producer John Stephens recently sat down with Screener to discuss the timeline for the feud’s resurgence (and it is coming) and what it may mean for Gordon.

“We play that [feud] in two different ways. We play it very directly and heavy in the first episode when we come back with the storyline between Jim and Falcone. The repercussions of the killing of Mario actually are through the end of the year.”

Of course, it was in last night’s episode that we saw the feud explode and then ebb in favor of Jerome’s storyline (read our review of the episode here). It sounds like it’s going to be pushed aside for the moment until this new Jerome arc plays itself out.

Whenever Gotham ultimately turns its focus back on the Gordon-Falcone war, Stephens says that even though we know Gordon won’t be killed given his importance to the show and the Batman mythology, “it’s going to be sad.”

To get a taste for what’s to come next, you can watch the trailer for next Monday’s all new episode below:

Gotham airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

Whitney Eklof

Whitney Eklof

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