’Gotham’: ‘Light The Wick’ Review

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GothamGotham opens up with Arkham Asylum staff members escorting the insane Nathaniel Barnes, but he manages to take out the two members with the Mad Hatter watching from a distance. As Barnes try to get away, the Talon drugs him as Barnes tries to take him out before the drug starts kicking in. The Talon takes Barnes to Kathryn who wants to punish those in Gotham City that deserves it. Hugo Strange emerges out of the shadows as Kathryn explains to Barnes that they need the virus inside of him and that they are going to have to drain it out of his system.

Bullock gets a visit by Leslie who has her final death report on Frank Gordon ready for him. Leslie came to the conclusion that Frank’s cause of death was homicide as she doesn’t buy the suicide scenario. She lashes out at him, demanding that he opens an investigation on Frank’s death and that Bullock should question Jim. Bullock is stunned that she would think that Jim could be capable of killing his own uncle. Leslie thinks Jim had it covered up and believes that Bullock might be involved too. Bullock thinks that she is letting her judgement by clouded by her anger towards Jim for killing Mario as she leaves his office.

At the Court of Owls, Kathryn informs the members that Gotham’s judgement is imminent. Gordon waits for Kathryn to leave the meeting room to go and take a look at her Owl mask. He starts scanning for finger prints on the mask as another Court member walks into the room asking what he is doing in there. Gordon comes up with an excuse and manages to fool the Court member.

Ivy shows up at the Sirens club and meets Tabitha as Ivy is looking for Selina. Tabitha suggests that Ivy goes to Gotham Central as she heard that Selina was in “bad shape”. Ivy arrives at the hospital and goes to Selina’s room and finds her friend supposedly in a coma. A doctor walks in telling Ivy she can’t be in there, but she uses her perfume on her to get some answers. The doctor doesn’t know what happened to Selina as the cops found her lying on the streets. Ivy makes the doctor leave as she tells Selina that everything is going to be fine. She returns to Selina’s room at a later date with some plants that she thinks will help Selina.

Kathryn returns to Strange, who we find out is being held there against his will as he had been away taking care of Fish Mooney who Strange claims has been “saved”. She asks Strange if he was able to get the virus out of Barnes’ system. He demonstrates by trying it out on an inmate as it begins to kill him as he has succeeded in weaponizing the virus.

Bruce is still training with the Shaman and his opponent who Bruce is fighting with sticks. He struggles to defeat the soldier as the Shaman tells him that Bruce’s rage blinds him and prevents him from being in control. Later on, the Shaman tries to get Bruce to remember all that pain and rage from the night his parents were killed as he wants to help release Bruce from the impact that the emotions are having on him. Bruce asks why he needs to be Gotham City’s protector as the Shaman explains that the city and Bruce need each other. The Shaman gets ready to inject the memory needle on Bruce as he is taken back to his parents’ wake.

Bruce is guided by the Shaman to lock away the pain and that it will set him free. Back in the real world, Bruce passes out as the Shaman says that he has been waiting a long time for this and that together, they will make Gotham City pay. Later on, Bruce is fighting the same masked man and it seems like the Shaman’s help is paying off as he manages to get the upper hand. The Shaman asks Bruce how he felt while fighting his opponent this time around and Bruce admits that he felt nothing. When Bruce asks if he is free to leave now, Shaman asks if he really wants to leave this early when he has so much more to teach him. Bruce tells the soldier to get up as they start sparring again.

Bullock gives Jim a call to tell him that the DNA analysis revealed that Kathryn’s full name is Kathryn Monroe, she comes from one of Gotham City’s oldest families and reveals her address to him. Jim is going to break into her apartment to find out more about her secrets. Bullock tells him about Leslie’s death report on Frank and that she is still suspicious. He also tells Jim that something went wrong with the transfer of Barnes at Arkham last night. As Jim is about to head out, he runs into Oswald who brought Firefly with him. Oswald wants Jim to help him find Nygma as he was the last one to see the Riddler before disappearing. Oswald is also aware of the mysterious Court group, but Jim begs him to stay out of it. He hands Jim a cell phone and tells him that he has 24 hours to confess where Nygma is as he and Firefly takes off.

Jim is staking outside of Kathryn’s apartment, before he goes in to investigate and goes through her things. He finds a drawer with the Court logo on it and behind it finds a Wayne Enterprises access badge, before hearing Kathryn’s voice in the other room as she is still in the apartment. Jim tries to get out, but decides to improvise as he lets himself be seen by Kathryn who demands answers why he is there. Jim admits that Oswald is still alive and knows the Court is behind Nygma’s disappearance. He also demands that he gets a seat at the table, to be taken seriously as a member. Kathryn explains that Gotham City is infected and that there is only way to heal it from all its criminal activity. She will consider his request before demanding to get him out of the building. Jim calls Bullock to leave a message that he knows what their mystery weapon is, but unfortunately for him, Kathryn seems to overhear the conversation.

Back at the station, Bullock and Lucius find out that the Court is weaponizing the Alice Tetch virus. They start connecting the dots that Barnes was kidnapped by Kathryn in order to get the virus out of his system. Lucius has an idea of how to find out where Barnes is being kept at. Bullock and Jim go investigate at an abandoned lab where they find a dead scientist. They run into the infected inmate who is apparently the killer. He starts rambling before jumping on both Bullock and Jim who is almost strangled to death before Strange shows up to stop the inmate. Strange confesses that he was forced to help weaponizing the virus for Kathryn. Bullock tries to arrest him, but Strange warns them to not waste time on him when they should be focusing on the shipment from D9C. Strange proves that they can trust him as he hands over all his research and a sample of the weaponized virus. While not thrilled about it, Bullock and Jim let him go as they exit the building. Bullock takes the research and virus back to the station while Jim gets a call from Kathryn who informs him that she wants to meet him as she has considered his request.

Jim shows up at Kathryn’s requested location, but before he can go with her, he has to give his phone and gun to the Talon. Kathryn takes Jim to the view of a party featuring a bunch of socialites as she begins to tell him about her family. She then shows him a bomb featuring the Tetch virus, to show Gotham City its darkest self as she sets a timer for 15 minutes. The bomb will be placed in the middle of the room as Kathryn explains to Jim that she needs to see if he is ready for the Courts’ methods, when the time comes. Kathryn warns him that if he tries to stop the bomb, the Talon has been instructed to execute Jim immediately. Jim secretly calls Oswald who picks up and starts hearing Jim talking to someone about what “they” are planning to do with the Court. The Talon tells him to stop talking, but Jim keeps going on.

As the clock is ticking, Jim decides to take action and starts fighting the Talon, but that is easier said than done. Firefly shows up and starts flaming at the Talon before he gets pushed through a window and blows his cover to the whole party. Jim tells everyone to evacuate immediately and tries to go down to stop the bomb, to Oswald’s annoyance. He grabs a crying girl before the bomb unleashes and releases the virus into the whole room. Luckily, everyone had already gotten out so no one was infected.

Kathryn gets called by the Shaman who informs her that he has managed to get Bruce to finally believe in his destiny and is free from his pain. He tells her that he and Bruce will be leaving tonight while asking Kathryn for assurance that everything will be ready for them, which she says it will.

As Oswald is wondering where Ivy is at, the Talon manages to break into his home. Back at the hospital, Selina finally wakes up which gets Ivy very excited. Selina, however, wants to leave right away as there is someone at Wayne Manor that she has to kill, the Bruce Wayne clone.

Jim goes to see Leslie who has decided to leave the GCPD as she is done with Gotham City. As she is getting ready to leave the room, Jim brings up that the reason why he killed Mario was because he saw that Mario was going to kill Leslie who is still in denial about it. They start screaming at each other before Leslie finally takes off. Meanwhile, Kathryn discovers that the Wayne Enterprises access card is missing. Elsewhere, Oswald gets locked away in a cage next to Nygma who discovers that Penguin is still alive as the two former friends stare at each other. We cut to Kathryn having a conversation with Barnes who is strapped up as he is told by her that he needs to go after Jim Gordon for betraying the Court. Kathryn instructs him to kill Jim before he can expose the Court, as Barnes agrees to become Jim’s personal executioner before the episode cuts to black.

A lot happened in tonight’s episode of Gotham that we want to break down and discuss. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of the highlights and important moments of the Gotham Season 3 episode: “Light The Wick”.

#5: Selina Awakens…Already?

#4: Leslie & Jim Drama

#3: Shaman Up To No Good

#2: Penguin & Riddler Reunited

#1: Barnes Becomes The Executioner

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  • or27

    In some ways, I agree re: the Lee character, but differ as well. I’ve found either the acting or the character stiff, wooden and impossible to tolerate for a while, namely all season. I’ve gotten the impression that she was reading lines with no feeling. There was a time when I wanted Lee as Jim’s closest support and family, but now I think that she can’t be redeemed. I lost any “respect” (for a fictional character) when the writing had her racing to a new man within maybe 4, 6 or 8 weeks of Jim being locked away to die within days or weeks, not 40 years, in Blackgate. He was trying to protect her and their child from anyone who would go after her. He didn’t want to be away from them, but he had to keep them safe. She stopped writing after “a couple of weeks” and Jim was in the first regular lock up for a month. Then he was moved to the “death” wing. The warden wanted him dead “within a week” after he’d been there maybe that long, so… there’s the math. Either she was already with Mario, or she was by the time Jim had to clear his name (as a hunted fugitive, he couldn’t show up and lead police to her door), which was a couple of weeks, and then there was the “save Bruce and Lucius, etc.” Total time was less than 3 months max and she never said anything to him about their baby, tried to find out about reopening his case and getting answers (like she pushed with Frank) or if Jim was alive, hurt, what prison had done to him, etc. It’s a two-way street and she knew who to contact and did nothing, but had to know that if he’d survived prison, he wouldn’t be in good shape.

    Bottom line is that the same knowledge both of Jim and the workings of places like Arkham and Blackgate, since she’d worked briefly at Arkham, should have meant she’d have more compassion and insight if she had loved him and been committed to spending her life with him and their growing family. That’s at the root of what doesn’t add up. Whether it’s poor, lazy writing or not, the premise is wrong. Jim was in prison because he was framed by Nygma because Lee asked Jim to pursue Kristen’s case and Nygma panicked. Nygma would have framed Jim or killed him, as he attempted later, regardless of the Galavan shooting, which, while the wrong choice, was a rock and a hard place to keep Lee safe again, and Bruce alive and hundreds of thousands in Gotham after Galavan had corrupted the police, courts and more and had them working for him.

    The working knowledge from her profession never entered the equation then, not to mention that she slapped Nygma for what he did to Kristen, but nothing for Jim. The same absence of professional perspective is the crux with Mario. She would have demanded to see all evidence and findings related to his death and known all about the 5-6 he murdered from the first strangulation to the ones he butchered right up to the wedding day. She would have known he had the virus and was trying to stab her to death violently. There’s denial and there’s delusion. If her anger is misplaced, it’s way off. She ordered Jim’s death, and hid behind Falcone to keep her hands clean, even letting Jim thank her for calling off “Falcone” in a cowardly way. And at the very heart of it is supposed to be grief, but there doesn’t seem to be any for her life with Jim and their child, or that should be directed at Nygma or Barnes and his rush to judge as only Harvey stood by Jim. If there’s such grief for Mario, there should have been closeness and some warmth, but I saw none of that. I didn’t want time wasted on him/them, but it felt forced. I couldn’t imagine that someone she knew for less than a year and seemed indifferent about would lead to irrational, lethal anger. She might have had Falcone call off the murder she demanded, but Jim could easily have been dead before then.

    When it comes to Harvey and Lucius doing their jobs, they had every right to only tell her what she needed to know. There have to hundreds of cases needing her attention and she fixates not out of duty, but out of a personal agenda and hatred. One iota of that when Jim was facing death in Blackgate would have demonstrated more than a sense of justice. It’s clear now that she’s on her own mission, compromising the department for her own purposes, and can’t be trusted. Insubordination is one thing, but she’s gone above and beyond, starting with Jerome. If she had behaved that way with any other captain, she would have been disciplined or fired. If she were behaving objectively and doing her job correctly and with some stability, she might earn trust. It’s clear that she doesn’t belong there or they’ll all be worse off. I’ve been dreading her time on screen, so I hope she’s gone, which is a sad state of affairs. No matter the tiresome story, if she had at least sold it, it would have helped. Right down to the resignation scene, I was moved by Jim and Ben McKenzie was extremely compelling and gripping, but she left me flat. Apologies for the long-winded rant if you managed to follow!