’Gotham’: ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ Review

GothamGotham opens up with where we left off in last week’s episode as the Shaman is meeting with the Court of Owls as it’s revealed that he is the true leader of the Court. They are shocked to see the real Bruce Wayne with them as the Shaman orders his Talons to kill the Court members that are attending. The Shaman gets suspicious of Bruce’s hesitation from giving the order himself to the Talons. While Bruce tries to assure the Shaman that he will not hesitate next time, the Shaman knows he won’t.

James, Bullock, Alfred and a bunch of officers are hunting the Court of Owls while also looking for Bruce. They arrive in the council room where they find one member still alive. James finds out that the leader had them killed, stating that Bruce was the one to give the order. Alfred refuses to believe this accusation while they return to the station to figure out where to look for the bomb next. As he gets more worried about Bruce’s disappearance, Alfred takes off. James goes to see Leslie to ask her why she stole the virus, thinking that she injected herself with it.

Meanwhile, Butch and the Sirens find out from Nygma that Oswald is still alive. Nygma explains what the Court of Owls is, but his information is limited as he insists that they need to worry about Oswald instead as he has an army of Hugo Strange’s Indian Hill inmates.

James arrives at Leslie’s apartment and as he looks for her, Leslie shows up behind him with her eyes completely black as he realizes that she injected herself with the virus. Leslie knew about the squad car that was watching her house the whole morning. She continues to toy with him while not answering James’ question of why she injected herself with it. Leslie begins to flirt with James before choking him and lifting him up, demonstrating her new strength.

Elsewhere, Oswald is throwing a temper tantrum while Ivy gets Selina caught up on why he is angry. Selina learns that Firefly is working with them as she agrees to look for her former friend. Someone starts to try breaking in as Butch and Nygma break in. However, Nygma notices that something is wrong as Oswald had his safe house setup as a trap. Oswald and Ivy escape while Selina gets knocked out by Tabitha. Selina gets interrogated by Nygma and his squad as she tries to assure him that she was never working for Oswald. She reveals that Firefly and Mr. Freeze abandoned Oswald which amuses Nygma. Barbara asks Butch and Tabitha to leave while she and Nygma chats with Selina alone.

The Shaman goes to see Bruce as he is wondering what Bruce is thinking of. Bruce admits that now that he has gotten justice for the death of his parents, he still feels like a failure. The Shaman assures him that he will get another chance as Hugo Strange enters the room. Strange notices that Bruce is completely docile, thanks to the Shaman. The doctor brings in the virus bomb as the Shaman reminds Bruce that he was never loyal to the Court. The Shaman hands Bruce the detonator and wants him to push it when the time is right, so that Gotham can fall which in turn will bring a dark hero to life in Bruce.

Bullock leaves a voice mail for James that they may have a track on where Bruce might be at. Outside Leslie’s apartment, she throws James into the car and drives away. Bullock and Alfred arrive where Strange is at with the bomb. Alfred runs after Bruce to save him, but Bruce puts himself in front of the Shaman as a shield and Alfred realizes that something is terribly wrong with Bruce. The Shaman takes Bruce as a Talon stars fighting Alfred and knocks him out. Bullock brings Strange into the station where he gets locked up. Alfred is still shaken up from what he just experienced as the leader of the Court has brainwashed Bruce. Bullock gets informed that James and his car hasn’t been seen at Leslie’s apartment for a while. Leslie suddenly shows up at the station and as they wonder where James is, she warns them that he is probably about to wake up any minute now. James wakes up inside a coffin and discovers that Leslie buried him alive.

We cut back to the station as Bullock orders the officers to lower their weapons. Bullock tries to get through to Leslie who is still on her anti-James agenda, believing that she is helping him realize who he really is. Leslie reveals that she buried him alive as she pulls out a walkie-talkie and starts talking with James who has one inside his coffin. Bullock asks James where he is, but Leslie starts monologuing before revealing that James has a way to get out. James starts looking around for the clue as he finds a sample of the virus, as he has to inject himself with it in order to be able to get out of the coffin. Bullock begs her to tell them where he is, but she refuses. Leslie gets locked up while the station begins to look for Bruce and James.

Bullock gets recommended by James to ask Lucius for help in tracking where he might be. James tries to remain calm while saving his oxygen. Bullock finds out that Leslie buried him at Jackson Park and assures James that they are coming for him. Alfred gets asked by Bullock to get details out of Strange and to not hold back. Leslie tries to convince Bullock that James will take the virus and become just like her. Alfred begins to torture Strange by dangling him from the rooftop as he demands the answer of where Bruce is. Strange wants assurance that he won’t get pushed down and Alfred promises Strange his freedom if he gets the answer. He starts to explain to Alfred what the Court is up to and how Bruce has been brainwashed by the Court. Alfred knocks Strange out before taking off to warn Bullock.

Bullock and his squad keep looking for James, but the batteries in the walkie-talkies are almost out. As they know that time is running out, Bullock tells James to take the virus so he can get out of there, but James refuses. Alfred calls Bullock and tells him that the bomb is set to blow off in 20 minutes as Bullock orders his men to return to the station and get the city evacuated as soon as possible. James remembers something Kathryn told him before her death, but the battery has now run out and he can’t communicate with Bullock anymore. James is left with no other choice and injects himself with the virus as he gets out of the coffin.

At Ivy’s house, Oswald is rambling on about being unfortunate while Ivy is focusing on her plants. Ivy informs Oswald that Selina called and that she found Firefly. Oswald gets suspicious of why Selina is suddenly trying to help them as Ivy reveals that Selina tricked her as Nygma and his gang enters the room. Nygma wants Oswald to call him the Riddler before he kills him, but Oswald refuses. But out of the sudden, Fish Mooney and her men enter the building. Fish is amused by this gathering as Oswald asks her why she is here. She takes Oswald with her and leaves Ivy alone with Nygma and the others.

Bullock and a few officers arrive where James was buried at as he is nowhere to be seen, but Bullock is horrified when he sees that James took the virus. Back at the station, Leslie manages to escape, while James is trying to stop the detonation. Leslie shows up behind him and takes him out, telling him to find her when he is ready. Back at Wayne Enterprises, the Shaman tells Bruce that the time has come, but Alfred arrives and begs him to not do it. Alfred tries to get through to Bruce while the Shaman orders him to go through with it. The Shaman interferes and accidentally pushes the detonator before getting shot by Alfred. The Shaman tells Bruce to find the Demon’s Head in order to fulfil his destiny before he passes away. Bruce begins to attack Alfred out of anger as they see the bomb going off and red smoke spreading into the city.

A lot happened in tonight’s episode of Gotham that we want to break down and discuss. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of the highlights and important moments of the Gotham Season 3 episode: “Pretty Hate Machine”.

#5: The Fall Of Leslie Thompkins

#4: Fish Mooney Returns

#3: The Demon’s Head

#2: James Gordon Makes His Choice

#1: Verdict & Other Thoughts


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