New ‘Gotham’ Season 4 Preview Offers First Look At Batman In Action

Gotham Bruce Wayne BatmanThe fourth season of Gotham will chronicle young Bruce Wayne’s early vigilante days before he officially becomes the Batman. Now, FOX has released a new preview for the upcoming season offering viewers their first look at Bruce Wayne in action as a costumed hero.

The latest preview features new footage of Bruce Wayne prowling on rooftops and taking on criminals in his proto-Batsuit. Furthermore, the preview provides fans with a glimpse at some of the terror newcomer the Scarecrow will inflict upon the city.

You can watch the new preview in the post below!

Are you excited to see Bruce Wayne’s first foray into masked vigilantism? Share your thoughts below!

Gotham’s origin story continues to unfold, and as the show enters its fourth season, the stakes will be higher than ever! With the Court of Owls decimated, the aftermath of the Tetch virus crippling the city, and every (surviving) villain in Gotham’s underworld jockeying for power, Jim Gordon and the GCPD will have their hands full. And that’s just the beginning! What threat does Ra’s al Ghul pose, and will Penguin regain his title as the King of Gotham? What new villains are in store for season four, and what does Bruce Wayne’s season finale reveal mean for Gotham City — and his ultimate destiny?

Gotham season 4 premieres on Thursday, September 21 at 8/7c on FOX.

The 7 Coolest Things Batman Keeps In The Batcave

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Batman DC BatcaveBatman is more than just a man with a crazy costume; he’s a man with a crazy costume and a Batcave. Hidden underneath Wayne Manor is a series of caves that stretch across the entire city. If there was no cave, Bruce would have never seen a bat as a young child and been stricken with fear. No cave = no bat = no Batman. So, the cave is pretty essential here, folks.

Over his 75 year history, Batman’s acquired quite the collection of trophies to put on display. Unfortunately, Bruce doesn’t keep any of these mementos on the mantle in Wayne Manor, so he has to shove everything into the Batcave. Sorry Adam West, but the Batpoles are so 1960.

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