Gotham: Preview Shows Strange’s Plan For Freeze

This second season of Gotham has been focusing on the villains that have been taking over the city and now fans can get another look into the characters of Hugo Strange (B.D. Wong) and Mr. Freeze/Victor Fries (Nathan Darrow). Strange has a plan that involves the capture of Mr. Freeze and isn’t afraid to use love in his favor.

While the first teaser is only about 10 seconds of footage, it shows that Strange’s methods are not orthodox and are extremely unconventional. He is willing to torture inmates at Arkham in order to cure them of their sickness. The narration over the clip showcases that Strange is not afraid of administering pain.

The second clip shows off more of the developing plot line between Strange and Mr. Freeze. Strange is looking to capture Mr. Freeze, after failing to extract the cold from the body of yet another Freeze victim. It is discovered that Nora Fries is being transferred to Arkham, giving Strange the perfect opportunity to catch the man behind the freezing.

This second half of Gotham is being titled “Wrath of the Villains,” compared to Season 2A which was titled “Rise of the Villains.”

Gotham airs Mondays 8/7c on FOX.

Source: Gotham YouTube Channel 

Chelsea Lewis

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