’Gotham’: ‘Red Queen’ Review

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gotham-307-reviewGotham has taken James Gordon down a dark path in the past two seasons, but this week the character made a huge 180 as he begins to snap out of his darkness. However, the episode starts out somewhat sad for him as Valerie, who got injured last week, decides to break up with the former detective.

The Mad Hatter takes his sister’s body and drains all of her blood that has its dangerous effects, but mixes it with another drug that affects you psychological. Gordon gets hit by the dust as it takes him down on a big hallucinating trip that helps our hero make a big decision.

As the show revealed Penguin’s sexuality and his big love for Nygma last week, Oswald tries to finally confess to Nygma, but discovers that he has fallen in love with a new woman, Isabella, who still looks a lot like Ms. Kringle. Refusing to accept someone taking Nygma from him, Penguin tries to sabotage the new relationship.

While they have been MIA for a few weeks, the Court of Owls re-appears as we get one answer while also raising new questions for the Gotham audience. “Red Queen” was one packed episode for several characters and there’s a lot we want to breakdown. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through the top 5 highlights and important moments of the Gotham Season 3 episode: “Red Queen”

#5: A Quick, But Rough Breakup

#4: Penguin’s Jealousy

#3: Gordon’s Hallucination Trip

#2: Selina & Bruce

#1: Gordon Makes His Big Decision

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