’Gotham’: ‘Time Bomb’ Review

Gotham is turning up the heat in their ongoing season as people begin to declare war between each other in this week’s episode of the Batman prequel series. As Nygma has been trying to avenge Isabella’s death, we discover that he has kidnapped Butch and Tabitha. Through hours of torture, when things get really crazy, as Butch tries to save Tabitha, it becomes very clear to Nygma that he had nothing to do with Isabella’s death.

Meanwhile, Barbara is trying to locate her friends on her own and as she discovers that Nygma has them captive, she learns about Penguin’s secret that he is in love with Nygma. But not only that, she also puts two and two together that Penguin killed Nygma’s beloved Isabella. As she rescues Butch and Tabitha from Nygma, she decides at the hospital while Tabitha is getting help, to reveal to Butch that she is going to put the Penguin and Nygma against each other.

Bruce, Selina and Ivy are staying safe at the Wayne Manor after the events of last week’s episode, with the mysterious key in their possession that is revealed to be a Court of Owls key. When the criminal gang kidnaps Ivy and demands the key in exchange, Bruce and their leader Volk discover that they are both aiming to take down the Court. Bruce also questions Selina why she isn’t willing to acknowledge their relationship for what it is at this point.

Mario Falcone isn’t having the best day either as he becomes the target of the Court, but during an encounter with them, he begins to show his more violent colors. Towards the end of the episode, it’s revealed that he has also been infected by the Tetch virus after seeing Leslie leaving Gordon’s place before heading to the rehearsal dinner.

As usual, a lot happened in this week’s episode of Gotham that we want to break-down and discuss. So hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through the top 5 highlights and important moments of the Gotham Season 3 episode: “Time Bomb”

#5: Trouble In Paradise For Bruce & Selina

#4: New Answers To The Court Of Owls

#3: Nygma’s Torture Fest With Butch & Tabitha

#2: The Glory That Is Barbara Kean

#1: Mario Falcone Reveals His New Color

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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