‘Gotham’ Will Soon See The Return Of [Spoiler]

Be warned if you haven’t caught up with Gotham in a while that the following information will spoil the end of the first season, not to mention a big reveal that will be coming soon within the second season.

The thing about TV shows based on comic books is that death is often little more than a speed bump. The CW’s Arrow has brought back multiple characters who had appeared to die before our very eyes. But when a character’s death is simply presumed rather than actually shown, the chance of their eventual return is bumped up from mere likelihood to near certainty. And while it may largely take the tone and form of a police procedural, FOX’s Gotham is looking to be quite similar to other comic book shows in this particular regard.

At least, this is the case with crime boss Fish Mooney, who will be returning after her presumed death at the end of Season One. She was only the Queen of Gotham for a short while before Penguin pushed her from the rooftop, but we never saw her body after it hit the water. At the time, executive producer Bruno Heller had teased that this might open Mooney up for a return.

“I would definitely not assume anything in a town like Gotham. It’s very unpredictable, the comic book world.”

Granted, this is a bit more predictable given the strength of Mooney’s character. The folks at TVLine suggest that her return may have something to do with experiments at Indian Hill, but this was not given as a confirmed scoop. Either way, TVLine’s exclusive notes that actress Jada Pinkett Smith has been contracted to multiple Season Two episodes, so do not expect Mooney’s return to be too brief.

Gotham is currently on hiatus, but will resume on Monday, February 29 at 8PM ET.

Source: TVLine

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