Grant Gustin’s A Class Act On The Set Of ‘The Flash’

Grant Gustin

As Barry Allen on The Flash, he’s the fastest man alive. However, on the streets of Vancouver, Grant Gustin can be defeated by a toddler. Recently on the set of the CW show, the scarlet speeder had a moment of kidding around where he decided to race the son of Atom (Brandon Routh) in a quick race to see who truly the fastest man alive was. Gustin posted the race on social media. He just wasn’t ready.

“Epic shoot day on location. C. Kim Miles shot what will be 2 amazing sequences. The high point for me was losing to Leo. He did get a slight head start though. And I think my leg cramped up a little. Also I think I had the wrong boots on.”

Routh also shared the race also on social media acknowledging Gustin’s spirit in having a friendly race with his child as well.

“When your dad is #Superman & #TheAtom, but you heart #TheFlash…? HUGE props to the crazy talented and genuinely kind @grantgust for being such a great sport!”

It’s unknown if Routh just happened upon the set of The Flash and decided to bring his son, or if he was on location filming a surprise appearance for the fifth episode of The Flash. But with all the shows filming in Vancouver, he might just be hanging on the set on his day off and decided to bring his son.

The Flash season three begins Tuesday, October 4th at 8:00 PM.

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