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Ah, movie events: the film buff’s bread and butter, and every comic book moviegoer’s holy grail. Regardless of whether they’re held outdoors, in a huge convention centre, or tucked away inside an old cinema, movie events are every film fan’s opportunity to meet the stars, chat to other enthusiasts, discover insider information, or to simply watch a fantastic title again with a little extra commentary, or several seconds of unseen footage. If you’re a film fan then you need to be at such events in order to satiate your need to geek, and we’re here to help you find the very best.

To Vegas, my friends!

There can be little doubt that Las Vegas is home to some serious razzle-dazzle. From its casinos and incredible hotels, to the entertainment that’s held in such venues on a nightly basis, Sin City is THE place to go if you’re in search of good food, fine wine, and shows that are more than a little spectacular – with an extra helping of glitter thrown in for good measure.

Las Vegas is also more than a little capable of putting on a fantastic movie event; events you’ll want – no, need – to be at. You see, while Hollywood and the studio system of Los Angeles are renowned as the home of movies, stars, and everything in between, it’s in Vegas that the silver screen can really come to life. Also, who could pass up the opportunity to head to Vegas, with its close proximity to the Grand Canyon, millions of neon lights, fantastic attractions, and epic accommodation?

Vegas’s hotels include the luxurious Treasure Island, a hotel overseen by Steve Wynn. This well-known entrepreneur has spread his wings a little further than the hotel industry and is currently investing his time and money into philanthropic endeavours, such as the Wynn Institute for Vision Research. His dedication to Vegas has created an empire. Indeed, Treasure Island currently features the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N interactive experience, an exhibit you can’t afford to miss.

You may as well take in a few other movie events while you’re there.

Movie events such as…

Cinema Con, Caesar’s Palace

Founded in 2011 Cinema Con is regarded as the largest, and most important gathering of movie industry types to be found anywhere in the world; an opportunity for studios, producers, stars, and their fans to come together and celebrate everything that makes the film industry so special. This year’s event featured keynote speeches from some of the silver screen’s hardest workers, as well as appearances from the industry’s biggest stars; the perfect schedule for anyone as interested in behind the scenes action, as they are the polished product. 2017’s event will be taking place from 27th-30th March. To register interest in Cinema Con or to find out more, please visit their website directly; you’ll be so glad you took the time to check it out.

Outdoor movies, various

Few movie events, conventions or otherwise, can beat the excitement of enjoying a movie on the big screen – and even fewer the sheer bliss of sampling it while sitting outside on a big old picnic blanket, while fellow fanatics marvel in the cinematic magic with you. While the outdoor cinema season is coming to a close in Vegas, there are still odd events and festivals taking place to look forward to, while next year’s calendar is already in its planning stages. Regardless of why you’re heading to Vegas do be sure to check out the listings during your stay; you may get to watch a 90s classic, a recently released blockbuster, or a superhero franchise marathon – all from the comfort of your own patch of grass.

The Convention Trail, various

From horror films and science fiction, to the comic book movies we all know and love, Las Vegas plays host to some of the world’s biggest and best conventions. If you want to see the stars, find out how long a particular scene took to shoot, or dress up and make friends with other filmgoers you’re in the right place. The 2017 convention schedule is filling up quickly, with Star Trek, Supernatural, The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, and the NAB Show already planned and in place, so be sure to check your diary and pencil a few in. A quick search of your favourite fan sites should reveal the upcoming events you’re most likely to want to attend. There’s simply nowhere better to experience the movies than in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

If we’ve whetted your appetite for a cinematic adventure, please don’t delay; skip to booking tickets, and your accommodation today. Just be sure to tell us all about it once you get back please!

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